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Free-Format RPG IV: Second Edition

Jim Martin


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  • This book is especially geared toward programmers working on older IBM i systems and can an help you make the transition from coding in fixed-format RPG to free format. Traditional fixed-format RPG programmers everywhere are embracing the increased productivity, better readability, and easier program maintenance that comes with the free-format style of programming in RPG IV. This book, which is both a learning tool and handy reference guide, provides concise, thorough information to help you learn this powerful way of coding RPG IV.

    The book provides coding examples showing both free-format RPG as well as fixed-format files and definitions. If you are programming in RPG on an older version of IBM i pre-V7R1 TR7 and want to get started coding in free-format RPG IV, this book is for you.

    Upon completion of this book, you will be able to:

    • Transition easily from fixed format to the free-format style of coding RPG IV
    • Know how to handle embedded SQL coding in free format
    • Possess a handy, easy-to-read reference guide for free-format coding
    • Understand that the free-format style is the future direction of the RPG language
    • Use this book as a learning tool to upgrade your programming skills and career
  • Jim Martin holds a BS degree in mathematics and an MS in computer science. For 26 years, he was employed by IBM, where he wrote RPG applications for customers and worked in the programming laboratory as a programmer on portions of CPF and the OS/400 operating system. After leaving IBM, Jim took post-graduate work in computer science and performed RPG training. He is an IBM-certified RPG IV developer and author of the bestselling first and second editions of Free-Format RPG IV, which, since the book's initial publication in 2005, have taught thousands of RPG IV programmers how to be successful with the free-format coding style.
  • Item Number: 5139
    Author Name: Jim Martin
    Publication Date: July 1, 2013
    Edition: Second
    Pages: 224
    ISBN-10: 1-58347-347-5
    ISBN-13: 978-1-58347-347-4
    Format: eBook
    Product Dimensions: N/A
    Shipping Weight: N/A
    Language: English

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