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Database Design and SQL for DB2

James Cooper


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  • Database Design and SQL for DB2 engages readers with a hands-on approach that provides start-to-finish coverage of database design and SQL, IBM's strategic language for the IBM i integrated database.

    This book is designed for professional application developers and college-level students who want to become developers. This is also an ideal book for developers coming from other database platforms. For many developers, this book can serve in place of IBM's database-related manuals. All the essential SQL and related DB2 topics are covered from an introductory to an advanced level.

    Each chapter includes comprehensive explanations and numerous examples. In addition, the companion website for this book provides further examples of embedded SQL as well as using client-side technologies such as jQuery, JSON, and AJAX with RPG Web applications.

    You will find Database Design and SQL for DB2 immediately useful, whether you are just beginning to learn SQL or you are an experienced developer. And you will turn to this book time and time again for quick answers to the best way to design and implement database applications.

    With Database Design and SQL for DB2, you will:

    • Model and design databases using entity relationship (ER) diagrams
    • Normalize database tables
    • Implement physical database tables
    • Define referential constraints-primary and unique key indexes-and check constraints to enforce data integrity
    • Use simple and complex SQL statements on single and multiple tables
    • Use the SELECT-UPDATE-INSERT-and DELETE statements
    • Create database tables-views-and indexes
    • Develop RPG Web applications that incorporate embedded SQL
    • Incorporate jQuery-JSON-and AJAX into RPG Web applications
  • Jim Cooper has spent his entire career on IBM systems, including the System/34, System/36, AS/400, and now System i. He worked as a software developer for many years before moving to the education sector. Jim has been Coordinator and Professor in the Computer Studies department at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada for more than 25 years. He has taught a variety of subjects, with his primary focus on IBM i application development skills.

    From 1995 through 2001, Jim served as Director of the IBM Roundtable College Conference, an IBM international conference held annually for colleges teaching IBM i technologies. Jim has also authored two textbooks on RPG and COBOL programming with John Wiley & Sons.
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    Author Name: James Cooper
    Publication Date: April 24, 2013
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