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SQL for IBM i: A Database Modernization Guide

Rafael Victoria-Pereira


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  • You may be familiar with SQL, the IBM DB2 for i data-access language. But you might not know that you can use SQL to modernize your IBM i database, to make it more efficient and easier to access. Rafael Victoria-Pereira knows firsthand how to use SQL's database modernization power and in SQL for IBM i: A Database Modernization Guide, he shares this knowledge, explaining how you can use SQL's capabilities to modernize and enhance your IBM i database.

    The book takes you on a journey: the modernization of a fictional university's database. You'll start with a database that's basically a set of physical files (typical of many RPG applications), then transform it into a proper SQL database with advanced features that can be used both internally (by an RPG application, for instance) or externally (by a .NET or Java Web application).

    As you progress, you'll get plenty of easy-to-understand examples and exercises to help you grasp and master the concepts, so you can use them on the job. The author's down-to-earth style and solid knowledge of SQL on IBM i make for an absorbing, highly educational journey into IBM i database modernization.

    After you've read this book, you will know how to:

    • Modernize your database, freeing it of its RPG/COBOL shackles
    • Migrate your database definition from DDS (the native way) to SQL's DDL (the "modern" way)
    • Use advanced SQL concepts, such as user-defined functions, common table expressions, and more
    • Make your database easier to access
    • Open your database to non-native applications by moving business rules to the database, automating data consistency checks, and more
    • Use the system catalog to better understand the database and its components

  • Rafael Victoria-Pereira has more than 18 years of IBM i experience, as a programmer, analyst, and manager. Over that period, he has been an active voice in the IBM i community, encouraging and helping programmers to transition to ILE and free-format RPG. Rafael has written more than 100 technical articles about topics ranging from interfaces to modern RPG, SQL, and application modernization. He writes in a down-to-earth, easy-to-read, practical style that's highly popular with his audience of IBM technology professionals. Rafael currently works as an Enterprise Architect at the Luis Simoes Group in Portugal. His areas of expertise include programming in the IBM i native languages (RPG, CL, and DB2 for i SQL) and "modern" programming languages, such as C#, Java, and Python, as well as project management and consultancy.
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    Author Name: Rafael Victoria-Pereira
    Publication Date: January 23, 2018
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    Pages: 376
    ISBN-10: 1583474498
    ISBN-13: 9781583474495
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