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Complete CL: Sixth Edition

Ted Holt


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  • If the IBM i is a business computing engine, CL is the "gears" that let you put the engine to work. CL, the IBM i's control language enables IBM i users to access thousands of system functions, from powering the system up or down to configuring the system to running programs ... and so much more.

    IBM i professionals have long relied on the practical, expert guidance in Complete CL to help them get the most from this powerful and flexible language. In this Sixth Edition, author Ted Holt has revised the book to bring it current with the latest version of CL and modern IBM i usage. Holt, recognized CL authority, explains CL programming clearly and logically, taking you through each CL component. With Complete CL: Sixth Edition, you'll have all you need to know to build robust production-grade CL programs that let you run your IBM i "engine" with confidence.

    This new edition has been completely updated for the latest version of the IBM i CL compiler (IBM i 7.3) and includes:

    • New built-in functions for string handling, case conversion, data-type conversion, and data validation
    • New commands and updates to commands
    • New support for SQL

    Plus, you will develop the skills needed to:

    • Write robust, production-grade programs in IBM i CL
    • Compile CL programs and modules, and combine modules into programs
    • Handle unexpected errors in a graceful manner
    • Use powerful built-in functions with character and numeric data
    • Use looping and decision structures
    • Access the database effectively
    • Use messaging for program-to-program and program-to-user communication
  • Ted Holt has worked in the information industry since 1981, primarily with IBM midrange systems in manufacturing environments, and has used IBM i CL in production environments since 1988. He holds an M.S. in computer science from the University of Southern Mississippi, and has taught at universities, community colleges, and vocational-technical schools. Holt has written numerous articles and technical tips for print and online publications, and is the author or coauthor of eight books, among them Complete CL, Qshell for iSeries, and The MC Press Desktop Encyclopedia of Tips, Techniques, and Programming Practices for iSeries and AS/400. He speaks frequently at industry conferences and meetings of local user groups.
  • Item Number: 5161
    Author Name: Ted Holt
    Publication Date: August 15, 2017
    Edition: Sixth
    Pages: 472
    ISBN-10: 1583474218
    ISBN-13: 9781583474211
    Format: Paperback
    Product Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 9 inches
    Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds
    Language: English

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