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JavaScript for the Business Developer

Mike Faust


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  • In JavaScript for the Business Developer, author Mike Faust builds the case for integrating JavaScript into business applications and then shows the application programmer how JavaScript can help programmers create dynamic business applications with Web browser interfaces. Creating dynamic, user-friendly interfaces is one of the best arguments for using JavaScript when building business applications. Often, an application functions well and offers bulletproof reliability, but it has an awkward or outdated look and feel. JavaScript can easily modernize a GUI interface by making it more dynamic and interactive.

    Faust demonstrates techniques to add dynamic elements to applications so they look like they came right "out of the box." For example, JavaScript can be used to display information when users hover a mouse over a given field. It also can allow a user to customize elements of the interface--like color schemes, font styles, and even the location of information elements within the application.

    JavaScript for the Business Developer is specifically geared for programmers writing common business applications. Although many business programmers have embraced simple HTML to provide a Web interface for their applications, many have a limited understanding of JavaScript and the power that it can bring to business application programs.

    With JavaScript for the Business Developer, you will:

    • Understand the benefits JavaScript can add to business applications
    • Learn techniques that will modernize application interfaces
    • Discover how to add function to applications--such as sorting data in a table with one click of the mouse or performing calculations on the fly
    • Enhance your career with skill in a new technology
  • Mike Faust has been working with midrange systems and personal computers for over a decade, wearing every hat from network administrator to software developer to MIS manager. During that time, he has focused his attention on integration between platforms and has used that multiplatform knowledge to stretch perceived programming limitations by developing new and sometimes surprising programming techniques.
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    Author Name: Mike Faust
    Publication Date: September 15, 2007
    Edition: First
    Pages: 176
    ISBN-10: 1583470700
    ISBN-13: 9781583470701
    Format: Paperback
    Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.4 x 9 inches
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