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The Chief Data Officer Handbook for Data Governance

Sunil Soares


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  • In today's increasingly digital economy, data is the fuel that runs your organization's applications, business processes, and decisions. As a result, it's more important than ever to manage your data as a strategic asset. The relatively new role of Chief Data Officer has been created to address this issue, but there is no generally accepted "playbook" for this role. Magnifying the challenge of delivering trusted data to power business value delivery is the rapidly increasing volume and complexity of data. Add the challenge of regulatory compliance as it relates to data, and the need for a CDO is clear.

    This book provides a practical guide for today's Chief Data Officers to define and manage a data governance program that will "manage data as an asset" while delivering the trusted data required to power your business initiatives from the tactical to the transformative. The book describes the relationship between the CDO and the data governance team, whose task is formulating policy to optimize, secure, and leverage information as an enterprise asset by aligning objectives.

    Data governance expert Sunil Soares provides unique insight into the CDO role and presents a blueprint for implementing data governance successfully within the CDO context. In clear, non-technical language, he reviews industry patterns around the CDO reporting relationship, scope and authority level, and alignment with the CIO. He describes the CDO stakeholder map and responsibilities of data owners and data stewards. Data policies, standards, and processes are examined, plus approaches to monitoring and enforcing compliance.

    The final chapter describes four technology pillars for data governance and explains how Informatica's agile technology platform can provide a strong foundation for success by promoting collaboration, boosting productivity, and enabling the repeatable processes that make up data governance.

  • Sunil Soares is the founder and managing partner of Information Asset, a consulting firm that specializes in data governance. Prior to this role, Sunil was director of information governance at IBM, where he worked with clients across six continents and multiple industries. Sunil is the author of five previous books on data governance.
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