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Fundamentals of Technology Project Management

Colleen Garton and Erika McCulloch


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  • Driven by the demands of global competition, rapid technological growth, and faster time-to-market, the field of project management has seen significant growth in recent years. Universities offer PM degree programs, and certifications in PM process frameworks such as PMBOK Guide and PRINCE2 are becoming a requirement for project managers in many organizations.

    Studying for these credentials increases knowledge of PM process best practices and standard terminology, but it does not teach project methodologies or project and people management skills. These skills are required core competencies for technology professionals, and those who master them are in high demand worldwide. But how does one extend one's skills--or acquire them in the first place? This book is a great place to start.

    Of the hundreds of project management books on the market, precious few address the unique needs of the IT project manager. This book tackles the specific issues technology professionals must face, such as understanding technology resources, managing project scope, using new technologies and social media, and managing in a virtual environment. Throughout, the book maps its content to both the PMBOK Guide and the PRINCE2 process frameworks.

    Project managers, students, software engineers, and IT professionals alike will gain a comprehensive understanding of the project management lifecycle and how to manage it--from first steps to intermediate topics (as well as some advanced ones). It explains not only the what but the how of managing IT projects, with examples and case studies based on technology projects to make the content most relevant to the learner. Document templates for all phases of the project--from initial concept to closing reports--are also included. Plus, the author steps you through project scheduling, meeting agendas, status reports, cost analyses, technical specifications, formal project reviews, and more.

    With this book, you will:

    • Discover the top 10 reasons projects fail and master the 5 keys to project success
    • Explore the 6 phases of the project lifecycle step-by-step
    • Learn to complete the documents needed for good project management
    • Recognize the warning signs of a project in trouble and learn how to get it back on track
    • Learn how to leverage social media and virtual communication tools in the workplace
    • Acquire practical ways to develop effective leadership and team-building skills

  • Colleen Garton, PMP, is founder of the Garton Consulting Group and an internationally recognized consultant, trainer, and public speaker in project management, virtual management, and leadership

    Erika McCulloch is an associate and adjunct professor, teaching courses in project management and other technology management topics at National University and Ashford University.
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