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i5/OS and Microsoft Office Integration Handbook

Chris Peters and Brian Singleton


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  • Now, you can use iSeries Access or Express Client to combine the presentation capabilities of Microsoft Office with the database capabilities of the i5/iSeries to provide your company with the best of both worlds. Discover how to use iSeries output with PC data-formatting tools, make visually appealing reports using iSeries data, use point-and-click query tools to create sophisticated information output, analyze and summarize the detailed and often cumbersome iSeries reports, tap into the power of Microsoft's powerful Universal Data Access using ADO.NET, ODBC, and OLE DB, and much more.

    This books gives you the essential knowledge you need to use iSeries Access or Express Access as a means to integrate iSeries or AS/400 data with Microsoft Office applications. The book covers installing and configuring iSeries Access or Express Client, using ODBC to seamlessly integrate iSeries with Office, and leveraging the iSeries Access data transfer function. It also explains how to bring data from the iSeries to your PC using NetServer, FTP file transfer, and/or Universal Data Access with OLE DB and ADO.NET.

    Specific chapters are devoted to each Office application to show you how to use each function with the i5/iSeries. Learn how to use Excel, Word, Query, Access, and Outlook to generate spreadsheets, mailing labels, form letters, and envelopes; to produce queries and perform data retrieval; to create beautiful, sophisticated reports; and much more.

    If you have PCs attached to your i5/iSeries, this book has the essential information that will allow you to harness the power of Microsoft Office and exploit the iSeries database.

    This book shows you how to:

    • Create spreadsheets-reports-and graphs using Microsoft Excel and iSeries data
    • Merge iSeries data to create letters-labels-and envelopes in Microsoft Word
    • Install and configure iSeries Access or Express Client for Microsoft Office integration
    • Sort-filter-join-summarize-and total iSeries data with Microsoft Query and Microsoft Access
    • Transfer data between PCs and the iSeries and automate the process
    • Set up Outlook as an email client on an iSeries or AS/400 server
    • Configure Network Neighborhood to access your i5/iSeries and make sure your files are secure
    • Create VBA macros for iSeries data integration with Microsoft Office applications
    • Integrate iSeries data into .NET applications with ADO.NET
  • Brian Singleton is former editor of Midrange Computing. He has an extensive background in the PC world and has been in the IBM midrange arena for many years, performing every job from backup operator to programmer to systems analyst to technology analyst for major corporations and IBM Business Partners.

    Chris Peters has worked with S/36, AS/400, and PC networked platforms for 21 years. A specialist in client/server applications at Evergreen Interactive Systems, he frequently writes magazine articles for the IBM community and is a popular speaker at numerous conferences and events.
  • Item Number: 5072
    Author Name: Chris Peters and Brian Singleton
    Publication Date: November 1, 2005
    Edition: Third
    Pages: 450
    ISBN-10: 1583470573
    ISBN-13: 9781583470572
    Format: Paperback
    Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.8 x 9 inches
    Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds
    Language: English

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