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Zero Trust on IBM i: What It Is and Why It Matters



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Zero Trust is an approach to security that has risen to prominence in the past years. Zero Trust has provided organizations with a much-needed remedy to the increased exposure they face as a result of the rise of remote work and deepening digitization of supply chains.

By leveraging authentication beyond just the perimeter of your organization and by granting your employees only the access required for their work, you can not only reduce the likelihood of attacks but also limit any damage from those attacks that do get through.

Unfortunately, the implementation of Zero Trust has been lagging in many IBM i shops. This is confirmed by Fortra's annual IBM i State of Security Study, which time and time again reports violations of Zero Trust principles, such as over assignment of special authorities.

Watch as Kurt Thomas and George Hibler explain:

  • Why implementing Zero Trust on the IBM i is important
  • What Zero Trust on the IBM i looks like
  • How to implement it

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