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Customer Experience Analytics

Dr. Arvind Sathi


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  • Three factors are fueling the growth of customer experience data: automation in the customer touch points, maturing markets for customer data, and consumer sophistication in sharing customer experience. Today's customers have the ability to use a variety of media to broadcast their good and bad experiences in real time. Successful organizations are responding with an investment in real-time Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) to improve their customer relationships, products, and processes.

    This book discusses a series of case studies from a variety of industries to show how CEA is reshaping the way we interact with our customers. It explores a set of technologies available to help us create the capabilities to sense, isolate, and alter the customer experience to competitive advantage--creating a real-time, adaptive relationship with our customers.

    With Customer Experience Analytics, you will:

    • Gain a keener understanding of what constitutes good customer experience
    • Learn how CEA is enabling organizations to build significant competitiveness and bring disruptive change to the marketplace
    • Understand CEA enablers and the technologies for implementing CEA
    • Read case studies and best practices that take advantage of the business capabilities enabled by CEA
  • Dr. Arvind Sathi is the Global Communication Sector Lead Architect for the Information Agenda team at IBM. Dr. Sathi is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of leadership in Information Management architecture and delivery. His primary focus has been in the delivery and architecture oversight of IT projects to communications organizations.
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