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Developing Web 2.0 Applications with EGL for IBM i

Joe Pluta


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  • IBM's EGL--and especially the new EGL Rich UI--gives developers the best tool for designing Web 2.0 business applications. Bestselling IBM i author and columnist Joe Pluta introduces you to EGL Rich UI and IBM's Rational Developer for IBM i platform.

    RDi (Rational Developer for i) SOA is the only tool that lets developers build each tier of a multi-tiered business application and use EGL's powerful syntax to integrate them all. Learn how EGL Rich UI takes advantage of that syntax to provide a new level of flexibility by using simple declarative statements to design complex interactive user interfaces, while at the same time being designed from the ground up, integrating the latest frameworks and technologies of today and tomorrow.

    With a powerful services architecture, EGL makes it simple to connect a rich client to back-end business services. And with RDi SOA, developers can build those back-end services and test and debug them all from the same workbench. EGL provides a consistent interface between application layers and allows the use of agile practices to develop each component of the application, from rapid interface design sessions with end users to unit testing the business logic servers.

    With Developing Web 2.0 Applications with EGL for IBM i, you will:

    • Harness the capabilities of the world's most open and advanced business application server-- IBM i--coupled with the power of EGL
    • Build Rich Internet Applications using Rich UI and take advantage of popular frameworks like Dojo and services from Internet giants like Google--all integrated with EGL Rich UI's powerful built-in widget library
    • Move to the next level of business application development and deployment using EGL-Rich UI-and RDi SOA
  • Joe Pluta has designed distributed architectures for the midrange platform for more than 20 years. His company, Pluta Brothers Design, develops tools that let iSeries users incorporate emerging technologies seamlessly into their legacy systems, providing a direct path to new architectures.
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    Author Name: Joe Pluta
    Publication Date: November 1, 2009
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