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Digital Marketplaces for Knowledge Intensive Assets

Ranjan Sinha and Cheranellore Vasudevan


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  • This book on digital marketplaces primarily focuses on Knowledge Intensive Assets (KIAs) such as data, insights, models, digital twins, APIs, software applications, courseware, advertisements, games, and entertainment. KIAs are becoming significant in the world of trading and monetization. Marketplaces dealing with KIAs are just evolving, but they show the promise of notable growth rate. The steps to manage the trade of the KIAs product validation, acquisition, pricing, and delivery present challenges that are different than those of traditional commodities. The contents of this book present unique value in today's data- and AI-driven economy as all industry sectors are having to handle KIAs.  This book provides a detailed look at the challenges and opportunities of marketplaces, especially those dealing with KIAs. As a compendium of marketplace functions, including monetization models and analysis of specific marketplace players, the contents of this book will be beneficial for industry practitioners, researchers, and business executives.

    The topics discussed include:

    • Description of a broad spectrum of KIA products and their emerging market value
    • Challenges in managing the KIA marketplaces
    • Technology trends that support marketplace business
    • The socio-economic impact of digital marketplaces

    • Ranjan Sinha is an IBM Fellow, Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer for the IBM Global Chief Data Office. He leads the data and platform strategy, engineering, and is on the front lines of transforming IBM into an AI enterprise. He guides IBM's clients to navigate and accelerate their data and AI transformation journeys. He is a seasoned technical leader, building and operating data and AI platforms and solutions from inception to production. Prior to IBM, he was at eBay Marketplaces, where he contributed to several business-impacting innovations. He is involved with several Technology Councils, including Marketplace@IBM, and led several Academy of Technology studies on data, AI, and marketplaces. He has published several peer-reviewed papers and patents with nearly 1,000 citations, earned a Ph.D. in computer science, and been an invited speaker at events worldwide. He is passionate about promoting wellness, safety, and empowerment of vulnerable groups; preparing the workforce for a data-driven economy; and advocating for social and global issues.

      Cheranellore Vasudevan is currently working as a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at the IBM Global Chief Data Office (GCDO) with a focus on technical vitality and marketplace strategy. He has over 35 years of industry experience covering stints in research, development, technology strategy, and professional services. Vasudevan is a Member of the IBM Academy of Technology and is an IBM Master Inventor with over 60 U.S. patents to his credit. He also serves on the Data and AI Core Team of the IBM Academy of Technology. He has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has authored several journals and conference publications. Vasudevan has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Computer Science and Information Systems as Adjunct Professor at South University and Texas State University. His current interests include data science, data monetization, data policies, ethics, and AI applications.

    • Item Number: 5184
      Author Name: Ranjan Sinha and Cheranellore Vasudevan
      Publication Date: November 15, 2023
      Edition: 1st Edition
      Pages: 184
      ISBN-10: 1583478965
      ISBN-13: 9781583478967
      Format: Paperback
      Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.375 x 9 inches
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      Language: English

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